Secure Your Business Data with TheOneSpy Tracking App

Secure Your Business Data with TheOneSpy Tracking App

Do you want to secure the important data of your business? If yes, you need the TheOneSpy tracking app to ensure the protection of the sensitive information of your company. The tracking app is designed for employers to create online data backup and to monitor digital activities of employees during the working hours. Once you install the app on the company-owned digital devices including smartphones, tablets, and computers, you can ensure that the data saved on these devices do not get lost or transmitted to unauthorized persons. Read on to know how this app facilitates business in data protection.

Data Management App

The tracker app for smartphones and personal computers enables the end-user to protect important data by uploading it to an online account. The app offers online storage for sensitive stuff of the business organization. The end-user of the app can access and modify the data anytime and from anywhere by operating the confidential online account. Moreover, the business owners and managers can protect your business information by keeping an eye on their workers and supervising the stuff exchanged by the staff.

How the Tracking App Work

Do you know that you can access and manage the data saved on your company-owned smartphone or computer without having those devices into custody? TheOneSpy monitoring software for mobile phones and personal computers has made it possible for employers and business managers to keep a check on digital activities performed by employees and data saved on the company machinery without having physical access to these machines.

Once you install the monitoring app on your workers’ smartphones and computers, you can stay informed of almost all actions performed on these devices. The app lets you know how these digital devices are being used and what sort of information is secured on these machines. It automatically creates an online backup of stuff saved on the company devices. It includes but not limited to contacts, images, videos, emails, internet browsing history, and key logs.

The end-user of the spy app can access the backed up data by logging into the confidential online account of the app. It enables employers to also retrieve information that is deleted from the main device. The online backup of sensitive business information can protect the organization from losing important stuff and bearing financial and productivity loss.

How the App Prevents Unauthorized Data Transfer

The surveillance app does not only create data backup but also enables the employer to keep a check on the digital activities of their workers. It lets them know what their workers exchange through instant messengers, social networking platforms and emails. All the chats made and media files shared by employees through the monitored company-owned digital devices can be supervised to restrict them from mishandling of company data, the transmission of sensitive information to rivals and publicizing of inappropriate information to defame the company.

How it Averts Data Breach

Many companies have to compromise on their important information due to the negligence of employees. The workers are likely to hand over important data to hackers or scammers while responding to scam or phishing emails by mistake. The phishing emails are the main tool of hackers to trap the target and steal important data such as bank details, credit card numbers and other financial details.

The surveillance software helps employers to ensure that their workers do not get trapped by any phishing email. It creates an online backup of all emails sent and received by employees through the company-owned digital devices. It enables employers and managers to find out if any trapping or phishing email lands in the official email accounts operated by the workers of the company.


The data backup app is compatible with a wide range of smartphones and computer devices. It supports Samsung, LG, Haier, Motorola, Sony and all other mobile phones running Android 5+. The computer tracker software is compatible with all personal computers running Windows 7, 8, 10 and macOS 10.5+.

The Bottom Line

By keeping an eye on company-owned digital devices, employers can ensure the protection of sensitive business information. They can watch out and manage the material saved on their workers’ digital devices to prevent unauthorized data transfer.

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