Keep your Outdoors Shining with Wood Brighteners

Keep your Outdoors Shining with Wood Brighteners

Everyone knows that adding a wooden paved outdoor area would enhance the beauty and value of the house. As they are the spots of social life in the modern world, maintaining it would mean a lot, to the homeowners. If you are a homeowner for years, your backyard social space would have outlived the test of time. Now also it stands, so majestically, having seen very coarse and adverse climatic conditions! It would have enabled you to have a chit-chat with your pal enjoying summer breezes away from the busy traffic streets.

Most of the wooden outdoor area would have worn out after certain years and demands a cleaning to maintain the beauty of that space. Staining the wooden structure before making it shine with wood brighteners will help a lot. Before you start the process, clean the place first. Brightening the floor would enhance the life and beauty of the outdoor space. You can use cleaners to remove the stain and dirt from the wood. But those cleaners will contain caustic soaps that will darken the wood and destroys the appearance of the space.

If you are looking out for a quality wood brightener without compromising on the corrosion of wood after treatment, use #1 deck wood brightener. Since the wooden deck stands outside the homestead, there will be lots of fallen leaves on it. There is a pigment that corrodes wood easily. That is tannins. Wood brightener helps remove the pigment, very easily without any harm to the deck. It will not only remove the toughest stain but also make the deck resistant to any hard stain on it.

Why should we use a deck brightener?

Many products that we use to clean and brighten the outdoor deck, almost every brightener contains caustic soap that will interfere with the appearance of the deck. When you use a brightener that has high PH value, it will not help in floor staining. Then you will have to spend on the maintenance of the deck space, now and then. Using a deck brightener that maintains a high PH balance that will brighten the wood and prolong the life of the wooden deck. #1 Deck can be used anywhere on the outdoor patio furniture. On redwood, you can use this product for cleaning and staining.

If you think your deck gets dirtied frequently, apply the brightener two to three times. Allow the brightener to be on the deck for 10 minutes before you wipe it off. If you have a lovely garden near the deck, before brightening the area, water them. It is always advisable to water the plants after you remove the coat. If you have an attractive gazebo in your patio, garden, use the brightener on it too. But if there is any metal surface that the brightener is likely to damage, act fast. Take a wet cloth and remove the brightener.

Things to do to brighten your wooden deck?

  1. Remove the dirt from the wood before proceeding to apply the brightener on it. Washing it with water would be a great idea. Then wipe off the space to get rid of the caustic presence on the wood. It will interfere with the pH balance of the wood. Spread the brightener all over the place.
  2. To prevent contact with the eyes, and other body parts, use eyewear or gloves. This will prevent skin contact with the brightener.
  3. Use a pump spray to apply the brightener on the wood to get better results. Never apply more than what is required. Avoid contact with the vegetation near the wooden deck. It will damage the plants.
  4. Allow the brightener to stay for at least 20- 25 minutes. Wash the wood. You can see a noticeable change in the wood after brightening.
  5. If you feel your deck is stained so much, use a fingernail brush to spread the brightener all over the wood. This will help to regain the lost luster of the space. If you have an extra toothbrush lying in the cupboard use it to get better results. It will work on every tiny space on your deck and brighten it naturally.

Bottom Line

In short, outdoor wooden decks adorn every homestead instead of front porches, recently. It is a space off the track that will offer privacy to the homeowners. These have turned out to be a getaway space for weekend parties. These outdoor wooden decks are very attractive and improve the resale value of a house. But it needs constant maintenance to stretch the life and beauty of these outdoor spaces. There are so many products like #1 Deck wooden brighteners that will help to bring back the lost beauty of these wooden decks. Apply it every now. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to recoup the cost of the building, in the later years.

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