Could An Online Invoicing Service Make Your Business Life Easier?

Could An Online Invoicing Service Make Your Business Life Easier?

Let’s get straight to the point; invoicing customers can be a nightmare. And having to write out invoices and quotes for individual customers can soon take up as much time as the actual job itself.

The upside of this, of course, is that the work is coming in – but spending hours and hours on admin isn’t the best use of your time. And that’s where online invoicing could come into its own.

How Does Online Invoicing Work?

Online invoicing is simply a cloud-based billing system – meaning you do not have to install any software on your desktop – that allows you to access your account and bill customers from anywhere that you can get an internet connection.

You can quickly and easily create and dispatch invoices from wherever you are as, once you have written up the invoice, it can then be sent as an email, with an electronic signature if you so wish, or via fax or email.

What Are The Benefits Of Online Invoicing?

If you’ve tried and failed with online billing before, the chances are that you’ve tied yourself in knots with an accounting program that can quickly become complicated due to the number of unnecessary features they contain.

However, there are now online invoicing services available, such as those offered by companies like Billomat, which take out most of the accounting functions to leave you with a simple and efficient way of creating and sending invoices to clients and suppliers, whatever your business.

And while the major benefit of using such programs is to take much of the work, stress and time out of your business housekeeping there are also other ways in which they can make your life easier.

One such way is in that it offers a great way to store and recall customer data as this is all stored in your online account every time you send an invoice. This means that all of the information on each of your customers is always readily available in just a few clicks and so you won’t have to search around for files containing things such as past invoices or quotes, email addresses or telephone numbers.

Another advantage of online filing and billing is that, because it is cloud-based, any program updates are carried out automatically and so you do not have the hassle of installing updates on your local machine.

If you work with international clients then an online billing service, such as Billomat, can also break down the language barriers as it is offered in five different languages.

And it’s not just invoicing that is covered as the program also helps with jobs such as project management software, time tracking, and mailing services.

Is Online Billing Safe?

Security is one of the biggest issues surrounding any cloud-based software and so any that holds personal and financial information have to be especially secure.

If you use the Billomat online invoicing system then personal passwords are securely encrypted and no unauthorized personnel is able to access your information – not even employees of Billot.

All data is encrypted in secure socket layer (SSL) form so you can be sure that both your data and that of your customers is completely secure and can only be managed by you or anyone you authorise to manage it.

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