Electrical Control Panel Manufacturer in Kolkata- Types And Usages

Electrical Control Panel Manufacturer in Kolkata- Types And Usages

Electrical control panels are secure housing of many electrical components or tools. These are massively useful to secure hazardous electronic stuff as well as providing budget-friendly reliability. Because there are many Electrical Control Panel Manufacturer in Kolkata so if you are planning to get one of these useful things installed, you are in luck. These panels are safe as well, as they help you have control over all the electrical circuits and components. Due to the number of usages, these panels come in different forms and sizes.

Now that you’re all caught up about what the panel does, it’s time that you understand which type of panel you’d need for your establishment. There is mainly 5 kind of different panels available in the market, and all of these have different features. So let’s check out how different these panels are from each other.

AMF Panel’s Damage Control

This type of electrical panel was designed by keeping in mind the prolonged power loss. Contact AMF Panel Manufacturers in Kolkata today if you want to install a stand-by back-up generator. As soon as the power cuts out, AMF makes the power switch to such a generator without losing significant power loss. So the workability will be maintained even when a total blackout occurs. This generator will also come in use to save you from lost data, damage to electrical components, and massive amounts of hazards.

APFC Panel’s Workability

These panels have a microcontroller-based program that switches capacitor bank according to the suitable capacity. This operation happens in multiple stages and automatically by reading reactive load. An APFC Panel Manufacturers in Kolkata comes in real handy when you want a panel to supply a large electronic load without delays or short circuits. These panels provide,
• Thorough efficiency
• High power constancy
• In-built fuse
• Longevity
• Insulation environment
• Resistance to corrosion
• Secures electronic components
• Prevents from damage when excess power in the system
• Maintains harmonic current
• Clearly mark power indicators.

DOL Panel’s Modes

DOL is mainly known as the line starter or direct online starter that lets you have a direct line in a 3-phase supply. The indication motor is directly connected to the supply phase to enable full voltage line to the motor. Even though these are all direct lines, Dol Starter Panel Manufacturers in kolkata makes sure that no harm comes to the motor. To increase security, there are also protection devices in these panels.

FASD Panel’s Security

FASD Panel Manufacturers in Kolkata provide much-needed security that is vital when handling such big electronic components. This panel has an on-off switch along with a relay contactor to prevent overloading. These facilities are mainly for industrial pumps as it features dual analog meters that read real-time current and voltage reading facility. Plus, you can also make use of its auto-mode function.

MCC Panel’s Stability

For surrounding electrical components in a safe environment, contacting MCC Panel Manufacturers in Kolkata comes in handy. Conditions like humidity, dirt, moisture, heat exposure and corrosive weather can harm electronic things. And all the electrical tools and components will be protected from such environmental hazards that are such a big concern in a big environment. Even though it’s such a large panel, you can efficiently operate it without any help from others. Plus, these panels saves bucks with frequent monitoring and checking.

No matter what your need is, you can get proper help from a dignified electronic panel manufacturer. That means all you need to check is if the manufacturing company is trustworthy or not. So you need to get information about their goodwill before hiring them.

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