Small Guide on Setting up an Educational Business in UAE in 2021

Small Guide on Setting up an Educational Business in UAE in 2021

The education sector in Dubai has shown tremendous progress in the past few years. The education industry will grow by approx. 7.1 billion in the next two years. There are many educational institutes, tutors, coaches, schools, and training centers present across the whole UAE.

The UAE educational market attracts investors, students, and other service providers. UAE government is transforming the education sectors and continuously evolving. They give very high priority to education. UAE government makes sure to provide high-quality education to students because they believe that education is essential for the country and people’s development.

There are many active students in the UAE, leading to a greater demand for educational institutes. Also, post-pandemic, the educational system is online, so there is a huge growth opportunity in the online teaching system. So launching an online teaching platform can be a very fruitful company idea in 2021.

Business setup in UAE will also provide you with many benefits like tax exemption, supportive business environment, liberal policies, etc.

Steps to Start Educational Business in UAE

You are starting an educational institute in UAE can straightforward yet challenging process. The first thing you will require is to find a company partner.

Decide The Education Business Type

Decide the education sector in which you wish to trade. There are many sub-sectors in the education industry also, so decide the type before moving ahead. Then align your business activity with the pre-approved activity list. The emirate Municipality publishes this list.

Decide Your Business Name

After deciding the sector, determine the name for your education business. While deciding the name, try to follow the naming conventions because UAE is stringent for trade names. Using any offensive or abusive name can be a punishable offense for you. Follow the naming rules and then finalize the trade name.

Decide the Jurisdiction

Decide the location in which you want to set up your business. Choose from the mainland and the Freezone business location.

You can establish the mainland company anywhere across the whole UAE. At the same time, the Freezone business operates from that particular Freezone. Thus, Freezone is a very cost-effective and beneficial business location.

Apply For a Business License

After deciding the trade name and the jurisdiction, apply for the trade license. Process this application to the DED or Municipality or to the Freezone authority If you select the free zone as your location.

You will require some documents while applying for the trade license. Given below are the license details-

  • Application Form
  • Photographs
  • Passport Copy

Get Education Service Permit

If you open an education business in UAE, you will have to apply for an education permit to get approval from the respective body. Without the permission of the “Knowledge and Human Development Authority” KHDA, you will not be allowed to do business in Dubai. This step is very important for opening an educational center in UAE. Make sure to complete it without missing anything.

Process Visa Application (For Non-UAE Residents)

If you are not a UAE resident, then apply for a visa application. The Visa application process is very simple and straightforward. Do it very carefully by submitting the right documents. However, You can also sponsor the visa of your family members, domestic workers, etc.

Importance of Opening Educational Business In UAE

UAE government considers education for building the know-edge-driven economy, so they are working very hard to create a perfect education system. They continuously bring some supportive policies, procedures for enhancing and making the education system strong. As a result, The education system gets support in every manner. Also, some of the other benefits of starting the education business in Dubai is-

  • Best Strategic location
  • World Class Infrastructure
  • Supportive Government
  • Simple company Setup Process
  • Cost-effective


Education business can be the best choice for anyone looking to start a new company because of the future opportunities. But creating an education business requires some prior business knowledge, although the process is simple and easy.

Thus, make sure to complete the application and submit all documents carefully to avoid your application’s rejection. If you are still unsure about the company set up in the UAE process, take the help of company setup consultants. They are the experts who will guide you through the complete business setup process only and quickly.

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