Edmond Masjedi – The Person Who Changed Our Perspective Towards Dessert

Edmond Masjedi – The Person Who Changed Our Perspective Towards Dessert

Some people are there who like to follow the well-trodden path so as to experience a smoother work as well as personal life. They avoid taking risks and always play the safe game. They want to protect themselves from all sorts of risks and the negative consequence associated with it. But life such people cannot go much ahead in life. They can seldom taste success. Such safe players always tend to spend a mediocre life. Success knocks the door of those people who love to take risks. If a person has the guts to jump into risk with a well-calculated backup plan, then there is no obstacle that can stop him. One needs to come out of the comfort zone and think of something different. When you refuse to follow the herd mentality and come up with something new, the world notices you. You get popular and can earn name and fame. You will be glad that you can do something better, not just for yourself but or others as well. This will take you to the pinnacle of success and will transform your life forever.

Edmond masjedi

Edmond Masjedi, the California-based entrepreneur king, did the same. With his hard work, dedication, and the will to do something different and new, he came up with an innovative frozen dessert. This food item has changed the way people look at desserts. It is a unique delicacy that has caused ripples in the food industry and people across the world are just loving it.

Masjedi has been curious by nature from the very beginning. He never prefers to restrict himself within a specific boundary. So he keeps on exploring almost all the genres of business. Hence, Edmond’s business activities range from the plastic industry, clothing, real estate, to the entertainment industry and food and beverage industry as well. This man does not know to stop. With a Midas touch, Edmond goes on experiencing success in all his business ventures.

Edmond is the proud owner of the highly reputed brand SnoBar. Once he was spending time with his wife while the idea of this innovative dessert dawned upon his mind. He decided to infuse ice-creams and popsicles with the flavor of the cocktail. His wife has equally contributed towards the development of this new kind of dessert. In the beginning, he had no idea how the dessert lovers will react to this unique food product. But as he always says, he has firm faith in himself and so he went on with his hard work and determination. Soon the dessert became an instant hit. Now the desserts get placed in the menu of all the major parties and functions all over America.

Thus the urge to try something new changed the life of Edmond Masjedi and made him successful once again.

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