Upkeep Your Data with Minimum Hassles

Upkeep Your Data with Minimum Hassles

What is Data Entry Service?

Every business on a day-to-day basis record millions of data, which is indeed a very tedious and meticulous job. Recording data in a classified manner further ease up the task and give a clear-cut view that helps in decision-making. Data entry is generally outsourced to a reliable data entry outsourcing company. The data entry operators hold vigorous knowledge and experience in their prior fields to convert the information in a very precise manner.

Data entry work is performed when someone wants to store the information in a particular format to depict results in the desired format.

What is Data Entry Outsourcing Services

 The experts here use the latest tools and Software to provide wide data entry services that include:

  • Online data entry
  • Offline data entry
  • Remote data entry
  • Database data entry
  • Logistic data entry
  • Data mining and data entry
  • Insurance claims data entry
  • Numeric and text data entry
  • Accounting data entry
  • Product data entry
  • Manual data entry
  • Handwritten data entry
  • Application form data entry
  • Directory Listing

Apart from these services, there is many data entry services provider in the industry. Outsourcing these services provide you the best quality services with a professional touch. You can access their services and take your business to the next level!

Why Do You Need To Outsource Data Entry Services?

Outsourcing exclusive services from outsourcing service providers is a much wise decision than hiring an in-house expert in the following manner:

  • Cost-effective- outsourcing from a reliable service provider company costs much less than hiring an expert.
  • Data entry formats- data is stored in desired and appropriate forms like pdf, Word, HTML, XML, SGML or many others in an appropriate manner.
  • Skilled operators- the data entry operators here with outsourcing companies build a highly skilled workforce, first-class service, and of course better data entry services. They hold excellent command over different languages as well.
  • Quality check- the service providers before handing you over the final drafts go through their multi-stage verification process to ensure authenticity and validity of data.
  • Specialization- with the years of core competence in the field, the operators with outsourcing company specialize in their respective fields hence results are 100% accurate.
  • Quick turnaround time- assurance of delivery within the stipulated time, keeping their professional values intact.
  • Focus-while data operators are handling your data with the utmost care, you can focus on more core areas of your business.
  • Manage voluminous data- a team of qualified experts can handle large volumes of data with ease and process them with proficiency.
  • Technologically upgraded these operators upgrade themselves constantly with changing market trends, new developments, and software upgrades.
  • Free trials: additional benefits of free trials, legitimate for fresh clients.

These services are formulated especially, by outsourcing companies to ensure your benefit in terms of time-saving and goals attainment.

Process Involved in Data Entry

Data entry has to be done in a specified manner to assure quality results at the end and thus involve a proper process

Collection of data

Data is collected from the clients in the form of hard copy or soft copy whatsoever is convenient or asked to upload on secured FTP(file transfer protocol).

Assigning project manager

Data entry project is assigned to a particular project manager who then arranges the required information for further processing.

Team leader

Each segment of the data entry is assigned to different team leaders to avoid conflict and confusion.


This information is further given to team members, which includes experts and agents who work upon the data.


The data entry operators then re-read all the information thoroughly and ensure the correctness after identification of error if any.

Quality assurance

The proofread document is sent for further verification to quality heads to double-check the accuracy.

Re-issue of documents

These documents are then again sent back to the agents after a quality check.

Final quality check

These documents are then re-entered and reconciled with the information given to ensure total accuracy.

Matching with the desired output

At this stage, the completed documents are mapped with deliverables sent by the customers for clarity and authenticity.


At the final stage, the agent sends the complete and verified documents to customers.

The process does not end up here until the customer’s final approval is not attained.

Is Your Data Secured With Outsourcing Companies?

Every business, small or big, holds private and confidential details and sharing them with outsourcing agencies gives room to apprehensions. But outsourcing agencies understand the value of your data and thus follow stringent rules to ensure data safety and secrecy.

These companies are highly professional and follow secure data entry practices that include certain secured platforms where your data is completely safe and secure.

Data is maintained and stored on separate platforms, which avoid clubbing of data. Data entry operators have only browser access to published applications and no access to desktops as they apply firewall to restrict IP address access.

All processing is done on the server-side which means data entry operators cannot print or download images or data.


When you choose to outsource a company, they work with you to develop a data entry services plan that is tailored to your specific requirements. Improve your data entry projects, forms processing, and Internet data collection by outsourcing it to reliable and experienced experts.

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